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Style Sparkling
Winery Honor
Region Penedès
Country Spain
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Xarel-Lo (chair-relll-oh), Macabeo (mah-cah-bey-oh), Parellada (par-el-la-da)

Honor is a traditional method sparkling wine that is made exclusively in the Cava appellation of Spain – located near the city of Barcelona. To be called Cava it must meet a set of requirements very similar to France’s Champagne region. In fact, there are several similarities in quality and style to Champagne – a big difference is that Cava is often a fraction of the price.

The traditional method is a unique production process where a second fermentation occurs in a sealed bottle trapping carbonation in the bottle forcing it to integrate into the liquid creating the bubbles that we all know and love. After the second fermentation is autolysis – inactive yeast cells that enrich the wine and create new flavors. This wine uses the term ‘Reserva’ on the label indicating it has seen an additional amount of time on lees-20 months in total. The lees add savory flavors of brioche, almond skin, toasted hazelnut,or smoke. Honor Brut Reserva is balanced and silky wind. It pairs well with Spanish tapas, appetizers, seafood, fish, fried foods, salads, and poultry.

The winery was established in in 1970, and honor tradition by working with indigenous grape varieties to produce unique wines. This family owned winery prides itself on tradition, culture, and elegance.

Purchase at: County Market 48th, HyVee Harrison, HyVee Wine & Spirits, The Liquor Booth 36th, The Liquor Booth N 12th
Enjoy at: Quincy Axe Throwing, Ratskeller, Seoul2Soul, The Pour Haus
Flavors Quince, Lime, Yellow Apple, Chamomile, Almond, Fresh Bread