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Now - 2030

Ribolla Gialla (ree-bohl-lah jahl-lah)

Gran Cuvée is made in the Blanc de Blancs style (meaning white wine from white grapes). It consists of a blend of Ribolla Gialla, an ancient local white grape in northeast Italy, and a small amount of Chardonnay. It is aged for 18 months of lees and made in the Brut style.

The traditional method is a unique production process where a second fermentation occurs in a sealed bottle trapping carbonation in the bottle forcing it to integrate into the liquid creating the bubbles that we all know and love. After the second fermentation is autolysis – inactive yeast cells that enrich the wine and create new flavors. Gran Cuvée pairs well with appetizers, seafood, fish, fried foods, salads, caviar, dessert and poultry.

The villa was built in 1860, and has a fascinating history from being German headquarters during World War II to the modern winery owned by the Puiatti family. In Latin the word parens means ‘ancestors’; their wine is dedicated to those who accompany us and also when they are not with us. Villa Parens is creating new limited, refine and exclusive wines designed with simplicity and elegance to fascinate. “For the future of tradition.”

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Flavors Citrus, Yellow Apple, Cream, Almond, Toast