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Style Red
Region Tuscany
Country Italy
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Ciliegiolo (chee-lee-eh-joh-loh)
91 Points Wine Enthusiast

Rotulaia is made from 100% Ciliegiolo, an old and native grape variety from Tuscany. Overtime plantings have been reduced and replaced with the more well known and profitable varieties. However, there have been producers who are dedicated to working with this indigenous variety and leading them is the estate of Rascioni & Cecconello. Ciliegiolo is named after the Italian word for cherry due to its flavor and color. Recently it was discovered that it is a parent of the famous Sangiovese variety.

This wine is produced from organically grown 35 year old vines, and is fermented in cement tanks. After fermentation it ages in French oak barrels for 15 months allowing the wine to slowly age and develop complexity. Pairs well with chicken parmesan, meatballs,tuna, meat sauces, pizza, tomato based pasta dishes, cold cuts, parmesan, gouda.

Rascioni & Cecconello was created in 1973 by Ms. Vincia Rascioni and Mr. Paolino Cecconello. Today their daughter, Sabrina, with her husband, Paolo, and son, Emanuele continue on their dream and have achieved international success with their wines.

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Flavors Cherry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Citrus, Herb, Baking Spice