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Style Red
Winery Piandaccoli
Region Tuscany
Country Italy
45 min
Room Temp
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Sangiovese, Pugnitello, Foglia Tonda

Super Tuscans are a category of Italian wines known for their high quality and complexity. Unlike wines labeled under the DOC and DOCG systems, which have strict regulations in regards to grape varieties, aging requirements, and winemaking techniques, Super Tuscans are often made without adherence to these rules. Wineries have the freedom to experiment and craft wines according to their own vision and preferences.

Inprimis is a marvelous medium bodied Super Tuscan mostly based on Sangiovese with Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda blended in. The name means ‘at the beginning’ and is because it was the first wine using the historical varieties. The wine displays aromas of sweet spices, mint and graphite to end with an aromatic crescendo of plum and cherry. Great balance between the freshness, velvety tannins, and intense aromatics. Aged for 27 months with 12 months in French oak.

According to oral tradition, the Piandaccoli estate was built around 1000 AD to host pilgrims who headed to Florence from the Via Francigena. It is also said that Napoleon Bonaparte stayed on the estate while visiting his uncle, a parish priest of San Miniato. The current owner of the estate is Dr. Giampaolo Bruni. He took over for his father-in-law in 2004 and started the winery’s Renaissance project.

Flavors Cherry, Plum, Sweet Spices, Graphite