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Style White
Winery Goretti
Region Umbria
Country Italy
15 min
Now - 2026

Grechetto (Greh-ketto)
92 Points James Suckling

Grechetto is the star white grape variety of the Umbrian region and this wine is a great Italian alternative to Chardonnay. Il Moggio is made from grapes that are harvested about a month later than most in this area- around the first week of October. Picking the grapes later allows for more matured and honeyed notes in the wine. It is also fermented in barrique oak barrels that adds an additional level of complexity and well integrated baking spices.

The label is very unique in the sense that the words ‘Il Moggio’ will turn bright pink when the wine is chilled to drinking temperature. It pairs particularly well with creamy pasta dishes, white pizza, fish, seafood, chicken, salads, hard and mature cheeses especially if served with honey or fruit preserves.

The Goretti winery is currently operated by its 3rd generation. The estate is located in the hilly area outside of Perugia, Umbria and features a 14th century tower that has become the emblem of Goretti. Their belief is that the quality of the wines is never the result of improvisation, but of a deep knowledge of land, climate, and production processes.

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Flavors White Peach, Melon, Wild Flowers, Strawberry, Baking Spices, Honey