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Style Red
Winery Goretti
Region Umbria
Country Italy
Enjoy Right Away
Room Temp
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Sangiovese (san-jo-vay-zay) & Merlot (murr-low)

This red blend is 50% Merlot and 50% Sangiovese. It is the combination of a historical indigenous variety with the comfort of a popular international variety. Winemaking was initially introduced into this area by the Etruscans. Tuscany borders Umbria in the northwest and Rome borders it in the south.

Fontanella translates to drinking fountain and the name was chosen for this line of wine due to its more modern clean, smooth style and drinkability. This is a wine to enjoy everyday on its own or with food. It pairs particularly well with Italian dishes, Spanish dishes like paella, chicken, beef, ham, roasted vegetables, tomato sauces, and aged goat cheese.

The Goretti winery is currently operated by its 3rd generation. The estate is located in the hilly area outside of Perugia, Umbria and features a 14th century tower that has become the emblem of Goretti. Their belief is that the quality of the wines is never the result of improvisation, but of a deep knowledge of land, climate, and production processes.

Purchase at: HyVee Wine & Spirits
Enjoy at: La Boheme, Quincy Axe Throwing, The Yum Factory
Flavors Cherry, Plum, Dried Herbs, Vanilla, Roasted Tomato