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Style White
Winery Ariano
Region Puglia
Country Italy
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Falanghina (Fah-lahng-gee-nah)

Falanghina receives its name from the word ‘falanga’ which is the name for the stakes used in the vineyards to support the grapes. Falanghina is local to southern Italy and is produced almost exclusively there.

This Falanghina is a part of Ariano’s Classic line which is 100% varietal wines that are local to the area and have a long growing tradition. The yellow brush stroke is the beginning outline of the Puglia region. You can see the continuation of this outline on the other bottles in the line. Falanghina see a brief skin maceration before fermentation which provides a fuller bodied mouthfeel. Pairs well with salmon, shellfish, chicken, turkey, cured meats, sautéed vegetables, brie, mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan.

Ariano has been using organic agricultural methods since 1997 and all of their wines are certified organic. These principles are carried on by the present generation represented by Frederica Ariano and Aldo Avello who look after the technical and production side and by Manuela Ariano and Omar Leonardi who are responsible for the commercial and marketing aspects of the winery.

Purchase at: HyVee Wine & Spirits
Enjoy at: La Boheme, Quincy Country Club
Flavors Lemon, Citrus Blossom, Peach, Honey, Almond