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Style Sparkling
Winery Mogoro
Region Sardinia
Country Italy
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Mogoro’s Brut Rosé is made from a blend of local grape varieties that have been growing on the island for centuries. These vineyards are located on sandy cliffs overlooking the coast. In fact, Sardinia is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful white beaches and clear turquoise waters.

This rosé is made using the tank method. It is similar to the traditional method, but instead of second fermentation in a sealed bottle it occurs in a sealed stainless steel tank. The carbonation is trapped and over 90 days integrates into the wine creating bubbles. After this process is complete it ages another 30 days on lees – the dead yeast cells remaining suspended in the wine after fermentation is complete. This time on lees provides yeasty notes of bread crust in addition to the fresh red fruit. Pairs well with oysters, clams, charcuterie, salads, burgers, pizza, salads, feta, goat cheese, BBQ, fried foods.

Mogoro was founded in 1956 and prides itself on using unique varietals that are strongly linked to the traditions of Sardinia.

Purchase at: HyVee Wine & Spirits
Enjoy at: Quincy Country Club
Flavors Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Bread Crust, Rose Petal