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Style Red
Region Tuscany
Country Italy
30 min
Room Temp
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Sangiovese (San-jo-vay-zay)

The term “Alberaia” indicates a row of trees, normally along the river, as in this territory, along the Elsa river, giving its name to a rural area where an ancient local Fair has always come to life: the fair dell’Alberaia. This wine is aged for 10 months in French barrels before bottling.

Sangiovese is the most widely planted variety in Italy and is the key varietal in Tuscan reds.Despite its popularity in Italy it is grown only in small amounts in other countries. It is a sensitive variety that easily adapts to its surroundings producing different tasting wines, but always maintains cherry notes and high acidity. It is a food friendly wine and pairs very well with tomato dishes, herbs, vegetables, pizza, sausage, rich roasted meats, and hard cheeses.

The Caciorgna family farm has been established outside of Sienna, Tuscany since 1953 and is currently operated by Paolo Caciorgna. They are firm believers in organic viticulture and that the quality of their wines starts in the vineyards and that is where they concentrate their greatest manual efforts. The cellar allows for first preservation and then enhancement of their wines.

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Enjoy at: Tiramisu
Flavors Cherry, Tomato, Raspberry, Dried Herbs, Tobacco, Balsamic