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Style Red
Winery Ariano
Region Puglia
Country Italy
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Room Temp
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Primitivo (pree-muh-tee-voh) & Nero di Troia (nair-oh dee troy-uh)

Primitivo is a red grape that produces intensely flavored, inky, tannic wines. Primitivo is also known more popularly as Zinfandel and as Tribidrag in Croatia, where it is believed to have originated from. Nero di Troia is a red grape variety found almost exclusively in Puglia and plays a significant role in several wine appellations there

The name of the wine, 40 (quaranta – Italian for 40) Filari, translates to 40 rows. This is a reference to the vineyards the wine is made from. Grown and produced organically, this wine experiences stainless steel fermentation. This easy drinking red wine pairs well with BBQ, pizza, turkey, tomato based dishes, pasta, manchego, blue cheese.

Ariano has been using organic agricultural methods since 1997 and all of their wines are certified organic. These principles are carried on by the present generation represented by Frederica Ariano and Aldo Avello who look after the technical and production side and by Manuela Ariano and Omar Leonardi who are responsible for the commercial and marketing aspects of the winery.

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Flavors Blackberry, Strawberry, Plum, Spice