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Did you know that a standard bottle of wine contains 25.4 ounces/ .75 liters / 750 milliliters? Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what that really means.

A 750ml bottle has approximately 4 to 6 glasses of wine depending on the wine style and pour size. Globally, the standard pour is 5 ounces, which is equivalent to 5 glasses per bottle. Certain styles, such as dessert and fortified wines, have a smaller serving size (1-3 ounces) and have around 10 glasses per bottle.

Bottle Contents – Verve Wine Academy Wine 101


Wine contains approximately 80-90% water with 10-15% alcohol, .5% – .75% acid, and the rest is composed of phenolic compounds and residual sugar if any is present. Majority of dry wines contain 600-820 calories per bottle depending on alcohol content and have 10 to15g of carbs. Wines that are sweet like Moscato or Riesling will have more calories and carbs.

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